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Michelle Gardner-Quinn – one of Arlington’s own for 21 years – was abducted and brutally murdered on October 7, 2006 in the city of Burlington, Vermont where she was attending the University of Vermont in pursuit of her dream to become an environmentalist.  Michelle’s Earth Foundation (“MEF”) was created to pay tribute to Michelle’s inner and outer beauty, her kindness, and love for nature.  Her life’s goal was to build a healthy and sustainable habitat on earth for generations to come—and her motto was “small actions=big change”.


Even as a young child, Michelle intuitively knew that her love for nature would lead her to fruitful journeys at home and overseas: studying giant otters in the jungles of Brazil, working on invasive plant removal in Arlington, living with a Costa Rican family and studying the devastating effects of monocropping, and working as forester in Prince William Forest Park— just to name a few of adventures. As she wrote in her University of Vermont diary: 


As a child, I found joy digging in the dirt, examining the miracle of life...This was where I felt a strong connection to the natural cycles of creation.  This connection has inspired me to this day.  It is a feeling deep within me that has inspired my passions and pursuits as an environmentalist.


MEF’s mission is to facilitate the role of the community, especially youth, girls, and minorities who are vastly underrepresented in the sciences, in community level efforts towards creating a healthy, sustainable habitat for humans and nature.


MEF’s goals and objectives are to:

§         Advance environmental education for young people through outreach programs within the schools and other community focal points;

§         Bring environmental accessibility to individuals and families through “home conservation” projects that can be adapted for urban households;

§         Develop a widespread environmental community stewardship program that will utilize the energy of our community’s youth for preservation, restoration, and conservation endeavors; and

§         Create alliances with other environmental groups in the United States and abroad for exchange of information and joint sponsorship of programs.


MEF sends all its membersemail newsletters, updating them about our activities and asking them to do one simple environmental task in memory of Michelle and in support of securing a better habitat. Past projects have included trash pick ups, tree plantings, Eat Local and Dine Local initiatives, and our new Sunflower Phytoremediation projects in New Orlean's Lower Ninth Ward.



It is only through your support, however, that we can offer our community services and carry out Michelle’s life’s dreams.  Therefore, your contributions are very important to help us build MEF into a sustainable charitable and educational organization.

  Please send your contributions to: Michelle’s Earth Foundation (please make all checks payable to Michelle’s Earth Foundation)

Preston King Station PO BOX 5140

Arlington, VA 22205


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MEF is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.


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Donations made to MEF are tax-deductible because MEF is a corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes Under IRS status 501(3)(c).

Please contact your tax advisor for advice regarding your specific situation.